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    • Personalized Meal Plans
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    $99 /month

    • Basic Package Features
    • Messaging Center
    • Advanced Monitoring
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    Premium + Weight-Cut - This gives you our Premium Subscription billed monthly.

    In addition, by signing up with this option now, we will take $99 off the already ridiculously low price and you get your first Weight-Cut addon for $250.

    *Each Weight-Cut addon is good for one full cut and is a one time fee.
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Customized Nutrition Plans "WEEKLY"

Each week we will fashion a brand new plan for you based on your current stats. Our nutrition plans are based on everything about you and you alone. This is not a one size fits all plan!

Daily Supplement Plans

Stop wasting money on supplements you don't need. Our supplement plans are based on you and your needs only.

Workout Supplementation Plan

You don't have to worry about what to take, when to take and how much. Our workout supplement plan generator takes care of you in just a few clicks.

Grocery List

Our grocery list feature will give you exactly what you need to buy. No more wasting time at the store!

Goal Setting

Set your goals, follow the plan, and meet your goals. The system will walk you through every goal and motivate you to keep on truckin'.

Performance Tracking

See where you are, where you are going and how far you have to go at the click of a button. Remember, anything that is measured and watched, improves!

Performance Monitoring "RAISING THE BAR"

Every member is assigned to a specific nutritionist on staff to ensure success. Your personal nutritionist will monitor your plan and the information you provide in the system on a daily basis. You Will Succeed!.

Personal Nutritionist

Yup, it's true. A nutritionist will personally oversee and monitor your progress. Your personal nutritionist is on call every day of the week. No more guessing games!

Nutritionist Messaging Center

Our Nutritionist Messaging Center is our flagship feature. This is a twitter like messaging system that keeps you in communication with your personal nutritionist. 24 HOUR response time guaranteed.

Weight-Cut Add-On Available

The FitnessVT weight cut is like none other. Maximize your performance while cutting to your competition weight. Never feel hungry, tired or grumpy. No more spending all day in the sauna! Weight-Cut Add-Ons are only avilable with the premium plan.

Weight-Cut Add-On "INCLUDED"

The weight cut add-on is for one full weight cut. A $349 value. You save $99! The only thing for you to lose, is that un-wanted weight.

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